HyML - HTML4 / HTML5 specifications

xml does not care about the markup specifications other than general tag and attribute notation. It is totally dummy about the naming conventions of the tags or their relation to each other or global structure of the markup document. It is all on the responsibility of the user to make it correct.

html4 and html5 as well as xhtml4 and xhtml5 macros will render tags as specified below. These macros will minimize code when possible. Using undefined tag will raise an error. Attributes are not validated however. One should use official validator for a proper validation.

This is also the last example of using ML macros. xhtml> will delegate xhtml content to IPython.display method so that content is rendered on Jupyter Notebook cell rather than just output as a raw xml string.

Columns in the table are:

  • Tag name
  • Tag code when using empty content
  • Has the optional end tag?
  • Has a forbidden content and the end tag?
  • Can omit the short tag? For example: <col>
  • Is the tag in HTML4 specifications?
  • Is the tag in HTML5 specifications?
    (caption "HTML Element Specifications")
        ~@(list-comp* [col ["Tag name" "Code" "Optional" "Forbidden" "Omit" "HTML4" "HTML5"]]
          `(th ~col))))
      ~@(do (import html)
            (import (hyml.macros (specs optional? parse-html4 parse-html5)))
        (list-comp* [[id row] (.items specs)]
           (td ~(.upper (get row :name)))
           (td ~(html.escape
                 (if (get row :html4)
                     (parse-html4 `(~(get row :name) ""))
                     (parse-html5 `(~(get row :name) "")))))
           (td ~(if (optional? (get row :name)) "✓" ""))
           (td ~(if (get row :forbidden) "✓" ""))
           (td ~(if (get row :omit) "✓" ""))
           (td ~(if (get row :html4) "✓" ""))
           (td ~(if (get row :html5) "✓" ""))))))))
Tag name Code Optional Forbidden Omit HTML4 HTML5
A <a></a>      
ABBR <abbr></abbr>      
ACRONYM <acronym></acronym>        
ADDRESS <address></address>      
APPLET <applet></applet>        
AREA <area>  
ARTICLE <article></article>        
ASIDE <aside></aside>        
AUDIO <audio></audio>        
B <b></b>      
BASE <base>  
BASEFONT <basefont>      
BDI <bdi></bdi>        
BDO <bdo></bdo>      
BIG <big></big>        
BLOCKQUOTE <blockquote></blockquote>      
BODY <body>    
BR <br>  
BUTTON <button></button>      
CANVAS <canvas></canvas>        
CAPTION <caption>    
CENTER <center></center>        
CITE <cite></cite>      
CODE <code></code>      
COL <col>  
COLGROUP <colgroup>    
DATALIST <datalist></datalist>        
DD <dd></dd>      
DEL <del></del>      
DETAILS <details></details>        
DFN <dfn></dfn>      
DIALOG <dialog></dialog>        
DIR <dir></dir>        
DIV <div></div>      
DL <dl></dl>      
DT <dt></dt>      
EM <em></em>      
EMBED <embed></embed>        
FIELDSET <fieldset></fieldset>      
FIGCAPTION <figcaption></figcaption>        
FIGURE <figure></figure>        
FONT <font></font>        
FOOTER <footer></footer>        
FORM <form></form>      
FRAME <frame>      
FRAMESET <frameset></frameset>        
H1 <h1></h1>      
H2 <h2></h2>      
H3 <h3></h3>      
H4 <h4></h4>      
H5 <h5></h5>      
H6 <h6></h6>      
HEAD <head>    
HEADER <header></header>        
HR <hr>  
HTML <html>    
I <i></i>      
IFRAME <iframe></iframe>      
IMG <img>  
INPUT <input>  
INS <ins></ins>      
ISINDEX <isindex>    
KBD <kbd></kbd>      
KEYGEN <keygen></keygen>      
LABEL <label></label>      
LEGEND <legend></legend>      
LI <li></li>      
LINK <link>  
MAIN <main></main>        
MAP <map></map>      
MARK <mark></mark>        
MENU <menu></menu>      
MENUITEM <menuitem></menuitem>        
META <meta>  
METER <meter></meter>        
NAV <nav></nav>        
NOFRAMES <noframes></noframes>        
NOSCRIPT <noscript></noscript>      
OBJECT <object></object>      
OL <ol></ol>      
OPTGROUP <optgroup></optgroup>      
OPTION <option></option>      
OUTPUT <output></output>        
P <p></p>      
PARAM <param>  
PICTURE <picture></picture>        
PRE <pre></pre>      
PROGRESS <progress></progress>        
Q <q></q>      
RP <rp></rp>        
RT <rt></rt>        
RUBY <ruby></ruby>        
S <s></s>      
SAMP <samp></samp>      
SCRIPT <script></script>      
SECTION <section></section>        
SELECT <select></select>      
SMALL <small></small>      
SOURCE <source>    
SPAN <span></span>      
STRIKE <strike></strike>        
STRONG <strong></strong>      
STYLE <style></style>      
SUB <sub></sub>      
SUMMARY <summary></summary>        
SUP <sup></sup>      
TABLE <table></table>      
TBODY <tbody></tbody>      
TD <td></td>      
TEXTAREA <textarea></textarea>      
TFOOT <tfoot></tfoot>      
TH <th></th>      
THEAD <thead></thead>      
TIME <time></time>        
TITLE <title></title>      
TR <tr></tr>      
TRACK <track>    
TT <tt></tt>        
U <u></u>      
UL <ul></ul>      
VAR <var></var>      
VIDEO <video></video>        
WBR <wbr>